Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School Shopping with Fielder Plaza in Arlington

Are you ready for back to school shopping yet? From food to phones to medicine, sometimes it’s tough to get the little ones ready for school at the last minute. Keep reading for how to get your kids ready for back to school shopping with Fielder Plaza in Arlington: 

Stay Prepared for Back to School Germs

When you’re going back to school, sickness and germs are always things to worry about. Protect your kids and their belongings with CVS Pharmacy this year. Whether it’s allergies, colds or the flu, stay covered with help from minute clinics and top-preferred medicine services all year long. 

Save on the Newest School Tech with T-Mobile

Everyone has a phone these days, but are they up to date with the newest models? Send your kids off to school with the best technology on the market this school year with T-Mobile in Arlington. From 5-G Vision to Magenta Plans, you and your family will be good to go at the push of a button, or screen. 

Snacks are a Kid’s Best Friend 

Even when summer comes to an end, our appetites do not. Prepare your kid’s lunches with Dollar General snacks, Gatorade and small toys to keep them busy and happy through the long school season days. You can also catch up and save on any last-minute school supplies while you’re at it. 

Getting the kids ready for anything is tough these days, but let blank make your back to school shopping a little easier. With Fielder Plaza in Arlington, there are plenty of ways to stay prepared. For more on what to do in Arlington at Fielder Plaza, keep up with our blogs and directory page! 

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