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Starbucks, coffee shop, tea shop


Starbucks in Arlington, TX


1110 Fielder North Plaza, Arlington, TX 76012


Mon-Fri: 5am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 5:30am-8pm


(817) 795-8792

About Starbucks

Starbucks, the premier coffee shop located in Fielder Plaza, is a haven for coffee enthusiasts and tea lovers alike. Known for serving a wide selection of coffee, tea, and food, Starbucks is the perfect place to jumpstart your morning. With a variety of flavors and blends from around the world, Starbucks offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of a classic Americano, a delectable caramel macchiato, or a refreshing iced tea, Starbucks has it all. Not only does Starbucks provide a diverse menu, but they also offer a selection of food items, ranging from freshly baked pastries to hearty sandwiches, making it an ideal spot for breakfast or a quick bite.

Starbucks is dedicated to providing exceptional service in everything they do. From the moment the barista starts making your coffee to the second it’s served to you with a smile, you can expect nothing but the best. Their friendly and professional staff are committed to ensuring that every customer’s experience is a memorable one. Starbucks’ commitment to the highest standards of quality and service is evident in their meticulous preparation of each beverage and their prompt and courteous service.

Embracing its rich heritage while innovating to create new experiences, Starbucks is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a place where coffee lovers can savor unique flavors and enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Starbucks continually strives to enhance the customer experience by introducing new and exciting beverages and food items to their menu. So, whether you’re looking for a place to start your day the best way possible or a cozy spot to unwind after a long day, Starbucks in Fielder Plaza is the place to be. Visit today and experience the Starbucks difference firsthand.

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