Fielder Plaza Has Everything You Need for Fun Spring Activities in Arlington

Here at Fielder Plaza, we’re glad winter is over because it’s finally time to start planning for some fun spring activities in Arlington. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Arlington right here at Fielder Plaza to get exactly what you need to celebrate the new season. Here are the best ways to celebrate family fun with spring activities in Arlington at Fielder Plaza:

Weight Watchers Gets You Ready for a Healthier Summer

The days of pool parties and sun-tanning on the beach are just around the corner. Which means its time to start thinking about that summer body you have always wanted. No need to feel intimidated. Just so long as you are happy and healthy, you are best. And if you do need a little help, Weight Watchers is right there to get behind you and keep you motivated.

Starbucks Has All of the Sweet Spring Activities in Arlington

Starbucks, a national icon that blesses Fielder Plaza with all it classic fan favorites. Take a trip down to enjoy a refreshing Cloud Macchiato that’s available iced or hot to your liking. Of course, you’ve also got an abundant set of Espresso options to choose from such as the intensely dark Espresso Roast and the milky but robust Caffe Latte.

Dollar General Take Spring Cleaning to a Whole New Level

Spring cleaning isn’t always fun but buying all of your cleaning supplies at the Dollar General helps make it easier on your wallet. Save on buckets, cleaners, and mops to help get the job done; and even containers to help you get organized! This is an incredible way to save money on necessary items, so make sure to stop while spring activities in Arlington!

Fielder Plaza makes it easy to find the most relaxing and enjoyable spring activities in Arlington! With tenants like Weight Watchers and Dollar General, you’ll make spring in Arlington the best one yet, but don’t forget about Starbucks! Want to learn more about spring activities in Arlington? Check out the Fielder Plaza directory today!

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